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Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd. is committed towards constant innovations in plumbing-pipes, irrigation and sewerage technologies. Innovations that meet the nation’s constantly increasing water demands. Innovations that pave the way for a future that provides clean water for everyone and everywhere; from the smallest villages to the largest cities.

  • Ashok Kumar singh, Govt. Contractor
    We have found product quality and services offered by Prince Pipes very good, we are looking forward to future business with company.
    Ashok Kumar singh, Govt. Contractor
  • Ar. Ninad Tipnis, Principal Architect, JTCPL Designs
    Prince Pipes has been consistently providing reliable, economical and superior products for our major projects. Their proven effective quality never fails to meet the demanding schedules. The trustworthy service shown by Prince Pipes makes them one of our top suppliers.
    Ar. Ninad Tipnis, Principal Architect, JTCPL Designs
  • Mohan S Upadhye, Vice President, Commercial Runwal Group
    When you are looking for a quality product and great customer service look no further than Prince Pipes & Fitting Pvt. Ltd.
    Mohan S Upadhye, Vice President, Commercial Runwal Group



As a company, we are known for our quality products. Therefore, each product is subjected to a quality control procedure to make sure they conform to Indian as well as International standards.



Best-In-Class. State-Of-The-Art. And Always Reliable.

Prince incorporates a well-structured framework, combined with state-of-the-art machinery that creates a zero defect manufacturing process and leak-proof piping systems. We operate computerized injection moulding machines with a clamping force ranging from 50 to 660 tons to manufacture fittings. For manufacturing UPVC, PPR and CPVC pipes, we operate Twin Screw Extruders. These machines come with their own set of cutting-edge benefits to create more than 7500 unique products:
  • High quality plasticizing capacity, due to specially designed screw barrels, ensuring homogeneity of material.
  • Higher operating speeds that increase production capacity.
  • Precisely controlled processing parameters ensuring consistent quality output.
  • Power-saving measures.

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R & D

Creating Value By Embracing Innovation

We develop most of our products in-house with the help of a strong, research-driven innovation overlaid with consumer insights. A well-equipped and well-staffed R&D centre continuously develops and enhances products for Plumbers, Borers, Drillers to Plumbing consultants. Whether it's a pipes, fittings or a roof-water system, continuous research and innovation lie at the core of our technology and engineering. We constantly look for improvement in every aspect of the organization, from material procurement to manufacturing processes to packaging. Doing this not only helps us deliver better products, but also helps us arrive at optimized solutions. This enables us to have an edge over our competition. We have few patents namely the Single Piece Nahani trap; a single-piece UPVC injection trap that prevents the entry of pests, small insects and foul gases into the house through water inlets and Prince Safefit UPVC Column Pipes with its patented inner rib for enhanced strength.

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research and development


With an ever increasing demand for our products from discerning buyers abroad, we aim to be one of the largest exporters of plastic piping systems from South Asia to different

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In November 2016, Prince took an endeavor to differentiate itself from other brands; we launched a loyalty program called ‘PRINCE UDAAN’. This program helps us to connect with and reward our distributors, retailers, wholesalers, and plumbers with over 46,171 touch points. Under this program, buyers receive reward points on every purchase of our products. A dealer can redeem these points by choosing from varied number of gifts options provided. This program is currently operational in the North, West and South regions of India. It will soon be rolled out in rest of India. For further information you can also reach us on our Toll Free Number: 1800 102 8307

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